Telephone Research Specialists

Multilingual, sector-specific & worldwide


The majority of our telephone research consists of international or multi-country projects. We have coverage for about 45 languages (using native interviewers), and some of our projects come close to requiring the full set of our linguistic capabilities.

Almost allĀ of our international projects are run entirely from our CATI telephone unit in the UK. This has distinctly a number of advantages, of which the most critical is the harmonisation of the data collection methodology for each market. There are also cost advantages in that the set-up of the project is centralised, and reporting of results comes from a single source and a single format.

We also have access to 4 CATI telephone units in the USA, which can be managed by our own staff. In the past we have also set up temporary units in London and around the world. For example, large volume interviewing in particular countries such as Japan or Korea may require us to access more native speakers than are available in our immediate locality. However, such teams are managed by our own staff, and our own technology, and we monitor, train and record all work centrally.

If you want to discuss any project informally, then please feel welcome to give us a call on +44 (0) 141 425 1771.