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Project Management

Approach to project management

  1. On receipt of a brief or request for cost, we will agree a time for provision of the cost and request any additional information required.
  2. We’ll provide a cost or proposal in writing for your approval. This will confirm details such as sample provision, quotas or criteria for selection, interview number, anticipated interview time and anticipated interview achievement ratio. Also included will be an approximate time plan (if actual start date is not known).
  3. Once cost or proposal is accepted, we’ll provide a detailed time plan, and nominate a named Project Manager who will run the project. They or the Projects Director will liaise with you to set the project up with finalised questionnaire, final project specification (including analysis specification) and agreed schedule of updates.
  4. You’ll hear from us every day of Fieldwork (or as often as you wish) to update you on progress. Should the project be challenging (and some are!), we’ll be in touch with suggestions and solutions.
  5. At the completion of fieldwork, we will finalise and conduct any analysis or tabulation required from the results data, and send this to using use password protection, or other agreed safe data transfer protocols.
  6. Then we’ll send you a link to a Customer Satisfaction / feedback survey for you to tell us your views on our service. This goes directly to the Operations Director and is confidential unless you wish us to share your comments with others.


Project Managers

We have a team of Project Managers, with one of them named for all day to day project control and updates of information. They provide feedback to clients and work closely with the Supervisors on the smooth running of their projects.