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Human Resource (HR)

  • End Client: Public Relations Firm
  • Research Area: Talent Management
  • Methodology: CATI
  • Sector: Human Resources
  • Respondents: HR Managers involved in selecting the current outsourced assessment suppliers
  • Sample Size: 88
  • LOI: 20 minutes
  • Days in Field: 14
  • Markets: Australia, Netherlands, USA
  • End Client: Provider of Education tools
  • Research Area: Organisations awareness of providers of education
  • Methodology: CATI
  • Sector: All sectors
  • Respondents: Senior HR Managers/HR Directors
  • Sample Size: 600
  • LOI: Two types of questionnaire, a short version (25 minutes) and a long version (40 minutes)
  • Days in Field: 112 (extended from 20 due to unusual findings)
  • Markets: China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Chile
  • Additional Notes: More than 140,000 telephone calls were made, and in some markets (Japan and Korea) we had teams of more than 20 interviewers per market.There were interlocking quotas for brands, some of which had very small market shares. A major feature of this research was that it revealed prevailing assumptions about market share were fundamentally incorrect. Resistance to this finding was initially strong, but the findings were vindicated through additional high-level research by the client.
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